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101 guard dogs: enhancing human-wolf coexistence in northern Portugal

March 2, 2024  |  News

A livestock guard dog programme overseen by Rewilding Portugal has just reached its impressive target, with the 101st dog handed over to a local farmer. By reducing livestock predation, the programme will support the recovery of the endangered and ecologically important Iberian wolf.

Study reveals the impact of stray dog predation on livestock and the growing presence of wild ungulates in the wolf’s diet

November 20, 2023  |  News

An article recently published by the Wildlife Unit of the University of Aveiro, in partnership with Rewilding Portugal and Zoological (Lino et al., 2023), which includes data collected as part of the LIFE WolFlux project, highlights the impact of predation by stray dogs on livestock and reveals a greater representation of wild ungulates in the diet of the Iberian wolf south of the Douro River.

PERTO, the new shoe that uses wool from producers who have learnt to live with the Iberian wolf

October 4, 2023  |  News

Brands have been slowly moving towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious production. Wildling Shoes, based in Germany, already has a long history of this type of production and has now developed, in partnership with Rewilding Portugal, a new shoe called Perto, which goes even further. A shoe that supports producers who live in a positive way with the Iberian wolf, supported by the LIFE WolFlux project.

Boots on the ground to protect nature

February 18, 2022  |  News

Rewilding Portugal’s surveillance team travels thousands of kilometres to protect nature. The team’s mission is to detect and report environmental crimes such as snares or wildlife poisonings. They are also part of the national effort to detect rural wildfires.

Hati: the guarding dog that never leaves its herd

December 3, 2021  |  News

Hati, one of the dogs integrated by the LIFE WolFlux project to support livestock producers in the region and promote good coexistence practices between local communities and the Iberian wolf, lived an emotional story in September, in which he showed that he was made for these functions .

Team responsible for implementing and monitoring the use of livestock guarding dogs trained by Grupo Lobo

December 4, 2020  |  News

Between August and October 2020, a training session was held with Grupo Lobo to train the Rewilding Portugal team and the veterinarians collaborating with the LIFE WolFlux project. This training session allowed to the participants to gain more knowledge about the selection and integration of livestock guarding dogs in flocks and herds, and in the evaluation of these dogs’ performance.

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