Other points of interest

Other points of interest

In addition to the rewilding areas managed by Rewilding Portugal, there are many other points of interest that are worth a visit. Welcome to the Greater Côa Valley and its many offers and well-kept secrets.

Explore the Greater Côa Valley



The Greater Côa Valley Grand Route

The Côa Valley Grand Route is a 200km linear trail, linear which crosses the Côa Valley from its river spring (at Fóios, Sabugal) to the river mouth (Vila Nova de Foz Côa) where it connects with the Douro river.

The trail is marked in both directions, so that it can be done north-south or south-north. The Grand Route can be done by walking, cycling or riding a horse and there are alternative trails that are exclusive for cyclists and horsemen.


Total length marked– 196 km
Total length – 224 km
Duration – 10 to 15 days on foot; 3 to 6 days cycling
Difficulty level – from hard to very hard; some stages are medium
Height (max/min) – 1164/129 m
Recommended seasons – late spring and early fall






The Grand Route of the Côa Valley is managed by Territórios do Côa, an organization dedicated to promoting the natural, cultural and archaeological heritage of the Greater Côa Valley.

More on the Grand Route



Côa Valley Rock Engravings

As an immense open-air gallery, the Côa Valley features more than a thousand outcrops with rock art, identified in over 80 different sites, predominantly from the Upper Paleolithic, some 25,000 years ago.

The Côa Valley Archaeological Park is located in the northernmost part of Guarda district, in the region known as Alto Douro. In 1998, in the fastest classification process ever, UNESCO included the Prehistoric Rock Art of the Côa Valley in the World Heritage List.


Côa Park Foundation

The Côa Parque – Foundation for the Safeguarding and Development of the Côa Valley, also known as Côa Park Foundation, was created in 2011 to manage the Côa Valley Archaeological Park and the Côa Museum. Its goals are the protection, conservation, research and promotion of the Côa Valley Rock Art and other heritage features in the region.


More about the Côa Rock Engravings

Archaeological find in Greater Côa Valley throws spotlight on human-wildlife coexistence

The discovery of a huge auroch engraving in northern Portugal’s Greater Côa Valley provides a historical perspective for contemporary rewilding efforts.

Visit the Côa Valley Archaeological Park and Museum

Available visits include visiting the Côa Museum, guided visits to the Park, kayak visits and night visits.


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