Matreira, refined and sustainable quality from Vale do Côa to the plate

March 4, 2021

Matreira is one of the current members of Wild Côa Network and a great example of how to enhance a territory and its natural heritage to create sustainable, quality and environmentally friendly products


Matreira means sharing and that’s how it came about, from this immense and inevitable desire to share, by the hand of two very special people and with a huge sense of ecology and sustainability. Mariana and Hugo joined this project to share with Portugal and the world, the unique and special flavors of Beira Alta and, more specifically, Greater Côa Valley, too many special secrets to keep forever. The Greater Côa Valley is one of the richest natural regions in the country and that is why it has the oldest trees and whose fruits have a flavor that has been refined over the years. It is this rich landscape that is, in fact, the work are for the vast majority of rewilding initiatives led by Rewilding Portugal in the region and which is now solidified in this partnership with local businesses and in the emergence of an important network to enhance nature-based tourism in the Greater Côa Valley, the Wild Côa Network.

About this new business network that is now being formed, Mariana Beja is satisfied with the bet and with her adhesion to the project. “It made perfect sense for us, at Matreira, to be part of the Wild Côa Network, finding the right partners to ensure the achievement of common goals as well as the growth of the brand,” she said. For Mariana, it is a unique opportunity for the company to “grow and expand in the market” and “bring a new awareness to its consumers, aiming at the importance of nature conservation as well as the roots and traditions of this region”.

Matreira’s focus is on handcrafted products made from almonds and olives from native trees, offering these products a unique quality and characteristics that distinguish them from all others. Almonds of rare varieties that grow spontaneously (Casa Nova, Marcelina etc.), flavored olive oil and obtained through sustainable methods, there are many reasons to bet on this new brand when you decide to taste the best that Côa Valley has to offer.

A project born in 2019 and still being launched in the market, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa and Figueira Castelo Rodrigo, which preserves and protects traditions, local communities, flavors and the entire identity of the Côa Valley. All products can be ordered directly on the brand’s website. 100% natural products, handmade, without additives, which take the best that this region has to offer, directly from production to the plate, with constant ecological and environmental concerns. Try it, you won’t regret it.

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