Wild Côa Network

Wild Côa Network

The Wild Côa Network


The Wild Côa Network is an association of like-minded enterprises in the Greater Côa Valley who share a vision for a wilder and more sustainable future. The goal of the network it to promote a nature-based economy in the region. A nature-based economy is where the inter-related production and consumption of goods and services promotes nature conservation and regeneration and benefits the local communities.

The Wild Côa Network aims to:

  • Facilitate synergies between businesses across sectors in order to promote a stronger business environment that fosters cooperation instead of competition.
  • Facilitate marketing the region as a whole, promoting its cultural and natural values.
  • Assist local business in the development of sustainable business models in line with rewilding principles.
  • Promote partnership between tourism related entities to create new touristic packages.

Members of the Wild Côa Network

Wildlife Portugal

WILDLIFE PORTUGAL is the brand created by Fernando Romão, responsible for nature tourism and wildlife photography activities in the Greater Côa Valley. This touristic operator organizes specific programs for the observation and interpretation of nature (bird watching, for example), hiking, photographic tours and wildlife photography – in particular through photo-hides. 

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Casa Villar Mayor

This accommodation is found in the village of Vilar Maior, an area with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. Vilar Maior is found along the Grand Route of the Côa Valley, and some of the highlights in the area include a castle from the XIII Century and a roman bridge. The perfect place to relax while exploring the region, with high quality and personalized service.

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Dreamoverland is a touristic operator focusing on 4×4 expeditions in the Greater Côa Valley. With their trips you can contribute to the social cohesion and economic sustainability of local communities, and experience the knowledge and promotion of their traditions, handicrafts, heritage and local produce. Their offer is based on a personalised service with tailor-made trips meeting the personal interests of their guests.

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WildCôa is a touristic operator in the Greater Côa Valley based in Pinhel, offering birdwatching tours, safaris and expeditions to explore the heritage of the region. In addition, they also organize wildlife photography tours including in the Faia Brava reserve.

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Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking

Powered by their passion for travel, Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking was born to offer authentic experiences in the most exclusive places in Portugal, taking you to the most historic and wild landscapes in the country. They offer a wealth of guided and self-guided tours – all of which are fully customizable according to your preferences and needs.

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Casa da Cisterna

Casa da Cisterna is found in Castelo Rodrigo, a beautiful fortified village in the Greater Côa Valley, where the walls have centuries of history and are open to whoever wants to come in. The ancient cistern that once served as water reservoir for the village now gives the name to Casa da Cisterna. The perfect place to stay to explore the nearby Faia Brava Reserve and the Côa Rock Engravings.

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Matreira was born from the desire to share the unique flavours of Beira Alta with the rest of the world. Here you will find varieties of ancient trees whose fruit bears a sublime flavour that has been refined over hundreds of years. Matreira products are handcrafted and produced in the Greater Côa Valley. Made with almonds and olives of indigenous varieties from the Douro region, they offer a unique flavour given the distinctive characteristics of this area of schist soils and peculiar microclimate.

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Flor Alta

Flor Alta offers a range of handmade and natural products, as an alternative to the use of synthetic substances found in traditional industrialized beauty products. The plants used are highly prized for their medicinal properties. Their range of products includes balms, essential oils, and moisturizing creams for the face and hands (among others). They have also recently included a selection of herbal infusions.

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Casas de Villar

Houses to enjoy unique moments in an authentic rural village of the Douro where you can hear the silence in communion with the music of birds and flocks that cross the village and set the perfect tone for an unforgettable stay! Located just 5 minutes from the Faia Brava Reserve and 15 minutes from the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park, this accommodation is a good starting point to discover the region.

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AMBIEDUCA is the company created by Marco Ferraz (Certified Nature Guide and Guide to the Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley) with the aim of sharing the joy of being in contact with wild nature and enjoying the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Douro Region & Côa. AMBIEDUCA invites you to visit this very rich region in the company of those who feel and vibrate each experience as unique and special!

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Casas do Juízo

The Casas do Juízo Village Tourism is found in the village of Juízo and is a typical village Beirã belonging to the parish of Vale do Côa, municipality of Pinhel. Already very unpopulated, Juízo is a rural village surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and almond orchards. The characteristics of the village and its location provide a wide range of activities to visitors, from birdwatching to visiting the monuments of the surrounding municipalities. The houses are fully equipped, surrounded by farmyard and inserted in closed condominium located in the village center.

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Faia Brava Reserve

The Faia Brava Reserve is the only private protected area in Portugal. It is bordered by the Côa river and is part of the Archeological Park of the Côa Valley. The reserve is located in the municipalities of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and Pinhel, in the Guarda district. It is home to 25 mammal species including wild horses (Garrano) and cattle (Maronesa). It also hosts many birds species, including Griffon and Egyptian vultures, Golden and Bonelli’s eagles, eagle owls and black storks.

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Quinta das Pias

Quinta das Pias – Holiday Farm, with 3 hectares of farmland, is located 500 meters from Pinhel city, 25 km from the Historic Village of Almeida and 35 km from the city of Guarda. In this space you can enjoy rural activities combined with architectural modernity, with an emphasis on the outdoor swimming pool.

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Cró Hotel & Termal Spa

The Cró Rural Hotel  is a innovative concept of hospitality in rural areas, while integrating a thermal complex of reference at national level. Root built has 26 double rooms and 4 suites with balcony and panoramic bath.

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Tourism and experience company created by Samuel and Marta, with the aim of discovering the countryside: their countryside and the paths of the beautiful region that is “Beira Interior”. A project based in Penamacor, which provides well-being experiences (individual or group training to maintain a healthy life), agricultural and gastronomic experiences (with a strong link to local traditions), adventure and even corporate events throughout the region.

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