Wild Côa Network

Wild Côa Network


1. SABUGAL (near Vale Carapito rewilding area)

Casa Villar Mayor

This accommodation is found in the village of Vilar Maior, an area with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. Vilar Maior is found along the Grand Route of the Côa Valley, and some of the highlights in the area include a castle from the XIII Century and a roman bridge. The perfect place to relax while exploring the region, with high quality and personalized service.

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Cró Hotel & Termal Spa

The Cró Rural Hotel  is a innovative concept of hospitality in rural areas, while integrating a thermal complex of reference at national level. Root built has 26 double rooms and 4 suites with balcony and panoramic bath.

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Vaz Cor / Casa Gaveto

Sabugal company dedicated to the exploration of properties for rural tourism and the development of other activities around this pillar, and with this step significantly improve the level of local quality in this market. At the moment they already have Casa Gaveto, located in the historic center of Sabugal.

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Casa do Zé

Built in 1980 in the village of Soito, in Sabugal. It is named with its builder name, Zé from João José Meirinho Martins and is currently a local accommodation after being remodeled. It has four rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people and an outdoor swimming pool. A friendly space for lovers of bycicles and nature activities, having all the conditions to store and accommodate equipment.

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Villa Tauria

Away from the confusion, in a medieval village full of history, Vila de Touro (Sabugal), surrounded by nature, is Villa Tauria, a Country House, dedicated to accommodation and events, especially designed for families and groups, who enjoy sharing moments of conviviality and who want to enjoy the authenticity of the countryside with all the comfort. This exclusive space is the result of the restoration of the emblematic old house of the village teachers, which has always been distinguished by its classic and elegant architecture, with its worked balconies.

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2. PINHEL (near Ermo das Águias rewilding area)

Casas do Juízo

The Casas do Juízo Village Tourism is found in the village of Juízo and is a typical village Beirã belonging to the parish of Vale do Côa, municipality of Pinhel. Already very unpopulated, Juízo is a rural village surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and almond orchards. The characteristics of the village and its location provide a wide range of activities to visitors, from birdwatching to visiting the monuments of the surrounding municipalities. The houses are fully equipped, surrounded by farmyard and inserted in closed condominium located in the village center.

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Quinta das Pias

Quinta das Pias – Holiday Farm, with 3 hectares of farmland, is located 500 meters from Pinhel city, 25 km from the Historic Village of Almeida and 35 km from the city of Guarda. In this space you can enjoy rural activities combined with architectural modernity, with an emphasis on the outdoor swimming pool.

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Côa HoneyComb 

Located in Vale de Madeira, right next to Ermo das Águias rewilding area, Côa accomodation is the result of a dream and the desire to build a special and unique place! A sustainable construction of four wooden bungalows, implemented in an olive grove at the height of the treetops, hidden in the landscape. The bungalows are in the shape of a hexagon, representing a honeycomb, which makes them different and unique. In the tranquility of the slopes of the Côa river, you can rest comforted by the unique panorama of the lands where nature prevails. A unique and unmistakable screen that will accompany you throughout your stay.

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Encostas do Côa

Establishment located in the village of Quinta Nova, in Pinhel, where you can enjoy the tranquility and rest of a Rural Tourism house, taste and awaken your senses with the nectar of its bees, be in genuine and pure contact with nature, offered by Rural Camping and also discover the beekeeping world and other derivatives that allow preserving the planet we live on and its biodiversity. It has rooms, a tree house, bungallows and a caravan park.

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Quinta do Rio Noémi – Alojamento Rural

A century-old farmhouse, built in granite and preserved according to the original, located very close to the heart of the city of Guarda. As the name implies, it is next to the Noémi River and allows you to be in full communion with nature. A house with 6 bedrooms, all en-suite, and also another apartment. It also has an indoor and outdoor social area. The ideal place to experience Beira Interior’s hospitality: authentic, rustic and always very warm.

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Casa da Cisterna

Casa da Cisterna is found in Castelo Rodrigo, a beautiful fortified village in the Greater Côa Valley, where the walls have centuries of history and are open to whoever wants to come in. The ancient cistern that once served as water reservoir for the village now gives the name to Casa da Cisterna. The perfect place to stay to explore the nearby Faia Brava Reserve and the Côa Rock Engravings.

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Casas de Villar

Houses to enjoy unique moments in an authentic rural village of the Douro where you can hear the silence in communion with the music of birds and flocks that cross the village and set the perfect tone for an unforgettable stay! Located just 5 minutes from the Faia Brava Reserve and 15 minutes from the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park, this accommodation is a good starting point to discover the region.

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Longroiva Hotel & Termal Spa

The Longroiva Rural Hotel is set in the hills of Northeastern Portugal, amid ancient walled towns and presiding over a wild landscape and wine country. This modern resort hotel includes the rethinking of a historic thermal SPA of excellence. Located 10 minutes from the famous prehistoric cave paintings of the Foz Coa Park, and near the banks of the River Douro, and the Douro Natural Park, the hotel offers a window into a natural and wonderful world. The hotel is built to take advantage of several thermal hot springs with different beneficial properties that heal the body and soul.

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Canto da Gadanha

To enjoy the tranquility and pure nature in the quiet village of Algodres, in Figueira Castelo Rodrigo, we have Canto da Gadanha, which has 3 bedrooms, which include 2 double beds and 4 single beds, common spaces, including a beautiful Hall. Very close to two world heritage sites: the rock engravings and the upper Douro Vinhateiro, as well as one of the beautiful historic villages, Castelo Rodrigo and the GR Côa Valley. So much to see and discover!

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Moinho do Maneio

An accommodation unit in full contact with nature, with three double rooms and four houses, where every detail was thought out and carried out with a lot of love. From the wool bedspreads to the words that are written in every corner with messages that make us think. Located 8 km from Penamacor and next to the Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve and its immaculate landscapes. In addition to absolute rest and peace, there are many dream stops nearby that you can visit to complement your vacation!

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