Dream Overland, a wild Portugal on wheels

February 26, 2021

Dream Overland is one of the partners of the newly created Wild Côa Network, being one of the important pillars to boost the region’s nature-based tourism and help to enhance its heritage


Dream Overland is a dream that started with José Almeida. A project that combines his passion for nature with his passion for cars. His interest was growing, as was his specific training in both areas, and he himself was the owner of an area of ​​native forest with the aim of restoring local habitats and turning his company carbon neutral.

From these two passions of José, appeared a touristic operator, Dream Overland, which organizes 4×4 expeditions in the Greater Côa Valley and contributes to the social cohesion and economic sustainability of local communities, making visitors aware of local traditions, crafts, heritage and regional products.

The company offers a personalized and customized service, meeting the interests of its customers on a case by case basis. It was some of these characteristics that led Dream Overland to join the Wild Côa Network, which aims to boost nature-based tourism in the Greater Côa Valley region.

José Almeida is satisfied with this new connection with Rewilding Portugal, referring that “This new partnership with Rewilding Portugal related to the project of rewilding in the Greater Côa Valley makes perfect sense, since we share the same fundamental objective of contributing to a more natural and wilder Portugal”. One of his main objectives with the partnership is that his company “is recognized for its sustainable practices, reaching a new segment of visitors and customers, more informed and sensitive to the preservation of environmental values ​​and the establishment of a more sustainable local economy”.

This project is therefore the real fulfilment of José’s dream and also the possibility of working on what he most likes. These trips have a wide connection to the historical and natural heritage of several regions, including wildlife observation activities. On four wheels, you can get to know the Portuguese territory and in particular the hidden wonders of the most natural side of the Greater Côa Valley. The trips are guided by specialized guides, who offer certified and quality knowledge. In addition, the offer ranges from shorter experiences to multi-day trips and with many different activities throughout the experience itself.

For José Almeida, this opportunity to collaborate with Rewilding Portugal is attractive for several businesses and can bring advantages to the region and its natural heritage. “New opportunities are being generated for the creation and development of activities and businesses related to nature, contributing to the settlement of people, the maintenance of traditional practices and the recovery of species that reestablish the natural balance of ecosystems”, he says.

Are you wondering about what to do this spring or summer, considering there will probably still be a lot of restrictions? This is your opportunity! Live the dream of José Almeida in your own skin and discover the best that the natural and wilder side of Portugal has to offer you in the Greater Côa Valley, in one of the many touristic offers that are being prepared for you.

Do you want to make your reservation with Dream Overland and visit our rewilding area? Find out how here:


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