Hotel Cró, thermal paradise on the banks of the Côa river

September 9, 2021

In Rapoula do Côa, right in the heart of the Greater Côa Valley and far from all the Portuguese urbanity, there is a thermal paradise still unknown to many, even those who live and are from the region, but which has been attracting more and more tourists and curious people from all corners of the country and the world.

Next to the old Termas do Cró, in the Côa Valley, abandoned and in ruins for over fifty years, on the banks of the river Cró and its healing waters, the spas were rebuilt in the same location, in a place close to the previous ones, without ever having recovered the old buildings, although this is still being studied. Here came the Hotel Cró, an ecotourism unit of enormous quality and luxury, at the same time that it works in a practical and functional way, and which has brought to the region people from all corners of the country and the world, by being capable to be a world in itself that everyone wants to know.

The Hotel Cró, a member of the Wild Côa Network, strives, like all the other members and Rewilding Portugal as the network’s organizer, for a sustainable nature based tourism, with a very refined ecological and environmental sense and not just for the ideals, but already seeing it translated in practice into measures that make a difference and that enhance the natural heritage of the region in which they operate.

The space is endowed with comfortable and modern rooms, a restaurant with high quality signature food and always based on regional and local products, with several vegetarian and vegan options so that everyone can enjoy the quality it has to offer, full spas with indoor pool/sauna/Turkish bath/massages/gym, a panoramic terrace that gives us a beautiful view over the entire region and the incredible natural heritage of the area, with a very original and unusual games room, a bar service and even a huge conference room, very modern and suitable for any type of event.

There are many reasons to decide to visit and stay in this space beyond these, as, in addition to the magic that exists inside, there is still a lot of magic in its exterior too. In the midst of nature and in direct contact with the natural world, it is possible to discover the ruins of the ancient spas and see how an entire area that lived off thermal spas in the last century was organized, stroll along the banks of the Cró and Côa rivers, take the hiking trails inserted in the Grande Route, enter the waters that are still crystal clear and inviting. The hotel itself offers you several programs and advice on what you can do in the region, namely enjoying the various nature based tourism services that the Wild Côa Network has prepared for you.

Still not convinced? Well, see for yourself when you go!

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