First informative panel of LIFE WolFlux project installed in Sabugal

August 6, 2020

The installation of informative panels and tables in key-places in the project area is one of the goals of LIFE WolFlux project to help disseminate information about the project and make it well-known to the general public. The first one is already installed.


On August 5th, Rewilding Portugal installed the first informative panel of the LIFE WolFlux project in the municipality of Sabugal, in the central park near to Côa river. This project aims to promote the ecological and socioeconomic conditions needed to guarantee long-term viability of the Iberian wolf subpopulation in the south of Douro river.

The installation and the inauguration ceremony of the panel occurred in the morning. Members of the Rewilding Portugal team and one representative of the municipality of Sabugal were present. Pedro Prata, team leader of Rewilding Portugal, during the inauguration said a few words about this moment, classifying the moment as “very important to the project since this panel will provide information about our work to anyone who passes by”. He also highlighted the good location of the panel, as it is in a “magnificent place where many people come for a walk and relax” in the center of Sabugal.


The LIFE WolFlux project aims to install ten informative panels and tables in key-places accessible to the public, to help disseminate information about the project and the work that is being developed in the region.

The project is being coordinated by Rewilding Portugal in partnership with the University of Aveiro, Rewilding Europe, Zoo Logical and ATNatureza, and is financed by the LIFE program of European Union and co-financed by the Endangered Landscapes Programme, which is managed by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and is funded by Arcadia, a philanthropic fund from Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing.


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