F. Project Management Actions

Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

F. Project Management Actions

Project management is essential to ensure that the LIFE WolFlux project runs smoothly and achieves its objectives within the timeframe and budget. These project management actions aim to allow for a better implementation of the overall project.

Rewilding Portugal

F.1 General project structure and management

The project is being carried out by five partners, namely:

  • Rewilding Portugal: Coordinating beneficiary, responsible for overall project management
    and administration, and ground work.
  • Associação Transumância e Natureza, associated beneficiary responsible for habitat management and
    environmental education work;
  • Universidade de Aveiro, Unidade de Vida Selvagem, associated beneficiary responsible for wild prey
    and habitat monitoring and conservation actions;
  • Rewilding Europe, Netherlands, associated beneficiary responsible for enterprise, tourism and
    awareness actions;
  • ZooLogical, associated beneficiary, responsible for monitoring and conservations action on Iberian wolf
    populations and habitats
Rewilding Portugal

F.2 Monitoring of the project progress (Executive Commission)

This action aims to ensure the monitoring and correct development of the project. Every year, the Executive Comission of the LIFE WolFlux project meets at least two times. These meetings cover the following topics:

  • Presentation, by the representative of each beneficiary of the progress of the actions under their
  • Presentation of the progress of the communication actions;
  • Discussion of potential delays and problems;
  • Identification of solutions to solve the problems;
  • Detailed planning for the following months;
  • Briefing for the production of the reports for the EC.

F.3 After-Life conservation plan

Some of the project Actions might need an extension at the end of the Project. An “after-LIFE Conservation
Plan” will help to ensure sustainability of the performed initiatives, since it will serve as a guideline for
involved organisations, and it will drive commitments to take action for Iberian wolf south of the Douro
conservation also beyond the project period.

F.4 Final Audit

A final audit is requested by the LIFE Unit in order to make sure that all the expenses were made in line with
the Common Provisions for LIFE projects. An external audit will be done at the end of the project. This audit
will be carried out by an external specialised auditing company.

F.5 Compilation and analyses of performance indicators

The aim of this action is to compile the information of project indicators and estimate the impact accomplished in the different stages of the project. Information will be compiled on a regular basis during the everyday execution of actions and stored on a database. Information will be analysed and prepared to be submitted in a descriptive way with reports to the European Commission.

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