Rotas e Raízes, a bet on the preservation of local and natural values

October 28, 2021

Rotas e Raízes is another member of the Wild Côa Network. A project that was born through Ricardo Nabais, a guide with extensive experience in nature and also in traditional experiences, being an intrinsic connoisseur of the Greater Côa Valley and of what this region has to offer.

Rotas e Raízes exists since 2013. A nature tourism company that is a project by Ricardo Nabais and whose main objective is to promote local and rural development and various local and traditional practices, such as agriculture, forest preservation and the sustainable tourism segment. For this reason, it offers personalized and unique services in the region, with a growing membership in the same proportion as the environmental concerns of the Portuguese public in recent years, as well as the growing desire to know better the natural heritage of our country and its contryside, especially during pandemic times, in which the connection to the natural world was strengthened.

This company performs various services, including the preparation of applications for financing programs or entrepreneurship consultancy, but it is in its experiences in the field that clients invest the most and dedicate their trust the most. With this company, you can take unique walking routes with guides who know the area like no one else, watch birds, take orienteering routes, visit historic villages and all their cultural and museological heritage, relive ancient traditions and agricultural practices. With Rotas e Raízes, you can, for example, learn how bread was baked, how to prepare liqueurs, make sweets and even regional cakes. You can meditate in the midst of nature and even have a picnic in the peace that it brings. Note that there are both night and day hikes, as each one has special and different things to be seen and felt. It also supports local producers, helping to promote and sell their products.

Rotas e Raízes has been one of the main drivers of the region for nature lovers and for a direct contact with nature, especially in the district of Guarda, where they develop a large part of their current activity. As Ricardo Nabais says, “We don’t promise, we surprise”. Come and discover the Greater Côa Valley!

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