Rewilding Portugal and CCA united in Nature Photography Contest

October 27, 2021

Rewiding Portugal and Comunidade Cultura e Arte officially launched the first edition of the Nature Photography Contest “Rewilding Photo Contest”, taking place already this year. Registration is now open.

The Nature Photography Contest “Rewilding Photo Contest” has as its main objective to promote the Portuguese natural heritage and its respective enhancement and protection, through nature photography as a means of informing the community about the magnificent ecosystems and respective species of fauna and wild flora that we have in our country. The contest is divided into three different categories: Fauna; Flora and Fungi; Landscapes with natural habitats. In all categories, only works dealing with wild fauna and flora will be accepted. Each competitor can compete in more than one category, but with only one photo in each, and can only be awarded in one of the categories in question, and cannot accumulate prizes. If the competitor want to compete in more than one category,  must fill in the form again for each category.

The competition’s jury is composed by an element from Rewilding Portugal, an element from Comunidade Cultura e Arte and also João Cosme, recognized nature photographer and awarded on several occasions. The admission of entries takes place between October 27th and November 15th, 2021 and the jury will then deliberate on the works presented until November 30th. The public announcement of the winners of the contest will take place on December 1, 2021, on the official communication channels of the promoting entities.

The winner of each of the three categories will receive the following gift basket offered by the promoting entities: 1 (one) totebag from Comunidade Cultura e Arte; 1 (one) bottle of Altano Rewilding wine; 1 (one) t-shirt by Altano Rewilding; 1 (one) Wild 2020 magazine.

To apply, candidates must fill in the following form:

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