Wild Côa Network: interview with chef Miguel Veiga

November 20, 2023  |  News

Chef Miguel Veiga is one of Rewilding Portugal’s oldest partners, having already provided catering services in several of our events and being part of this big family. Recently, he also became a member of the Wild Côa Network to further strengthen this connection and increase synergies with other members.

Monitoring fungi in rewilding areas

November 15, 2023  |  News

Fungi are possibly the organisms with the greatest importance for ecosystems and for our life that we know the least about. They are the main decomposers in most terrestrial ecosystems, recycling organic matter in a wide variety of forms, from dead wood to animal carcasses, and allowing nutrient cycling to continue. They create soil and form symbioses with other organisms, mainly plants, and almost invisibly allow healthy forests to exist. Among various other roles, fungi have also been an important source of medicine and food for humans.

PERTO, the new shoe that uses wool from producers who have learnt to live with the Iberian wolf

October 4, 2023  |  News

Brands have been slowly moving towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious production. Wildling Shoes, based in Germany, already has a long history of this type of production and has now developed, in partnership with Rewilding Portugal, a new shoe called Perto, which goes even further. A shoe that supports producers who live in a positive way with the Iberian wolf, supported by the LIFE WolFlux project.

“Wolves in Europe”: Rewilding Portugal’s statement about the last European Commission press release

September 20, 2023  |  News

On 4 September, the European Commission issued an official press release urging local and national authorities to take action in cases where the concentration of wolf packs has become a danger to livestock and people. In response to the Commission’s press release on “Wolves in Europe”, Rewilding Portugal sent back an official answer to communicate our concerns about opening the door to update the legal framework on the status of protection of the wolf to add further flexibility, with a press release lagued with factual distortion and demagogy, an irresponsibility that could put at risk the wolf, as well as the efforts and investment carried out in the past decades to recover the species and to move forward on a path of coexistence.

Pioneering art festival builds engagement in the Greater Côa Valley

August 9, 2023  |  News

Organised and managed by the Rewilding Portugal team, the “CÔA – Corridor of Arts” Festival united art, nature and culture in the Greater Côa Valley this July. Attracting thousands of visitors, the event helped the team establish and deepen connections with a wide range of stakeholders and promote the benefits of rewilding to a huge audience.

The benefits of the beaver

January 16, 2023  |  News

The ability of the Eurasian beaver to create new habitats for a host of wildlife species, and to deliver a range of benefits for people, is amazing. Once on the verge of extinction, the beaver’s expansion across Europe over the last 60 years is a cause for celebration. But what exactly are the animal’s positive impacts?

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