Here will be placed the testimonials of interested parties and the general public regarding the LIFE WolFlux project and the results achieved by it

1. Jaime Silva


“Between men and wolves there is an open wound, a wound that cannot be healed …

In news reports and fiction books, this man / wolf relationship is often described in a romanticized way, using words that are more closer to poetry than to reality. Perhaps because the bucolic landscape of remote regions, chosen by men and wolves,  influences those who write them.

Reality is not this poetic. Invariably, this conflict that is lost in the antiquity of Portuguese history, ends with a breeder crying the losses of the flock or with a wolf violently murdered by the most diverse forms. From the dust of the times, legends and tales come to this day in which the wolf haunts the imagination of our children and the “fojos” of the wolf remain in the landscape of our mountains as markers of a holocaust that almost extinguished the wolf in our country.

Today, certainly benefiting from the proximity of other wolf populations existing in neighboring Spain, with the desertification of our interior and the latent abandonment of agriculture, they found a better situation to populate the northern region of the country. The populations of Alto Minho and Trás-os-Montes are already quite numerous and the connection to the packs of the neighboring country provides better conditions for their survival, either due to a reasonable amount of natural prey in these regions, or due to the genetic diversity that is ensured by a higher number of crosses between specimens.

The populations in the south of the Douro River, apparently made up of two nuclei, were geographically more isolated and with their territories confined by the construction of motorways. Consaguinity is a high risk for these packs.

Today, as yesterday, the conflict remains. The wolf continues to kill what it shouldn’t and die as it shouldn’t. But there is also a strong stream of awareness. There is a lot of fieldwork done by biologists and many projects, to stop this millennial war.

The strength of ideas, science and the voluntary work of many, seem to be the formula for peaceful coexistence. After all, our history and the history of wolves is so umbilically linked, that it would be an irrefutable deficit of intelligence on our part, not being able to share the future with an animal that has shown the courage and adaptability to resist us and accompany us until today .

Regarding LIFE WolFlux, I understand that it is a project with head, trunk and limbs, dedicated to the most vulnerable wolf populations in the south of the Douro river, the project that inspired me to write this text. ”

by Jaime Silva, 22.04.2020

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