Reducing Poaching, Poisoning & Fire

Juan Carlos Muñoz Robredo / Rewilding Europe

Reducing Poaching, Poisoning & Fire

Poaching, poisoning and rural fires are some of the most important threats to the population of Iberian wolf south of the Douro river. To address these threats, the project will focus on surveillance by creating a dedicated team to work in the project area.

Juan Carlos Muñoz / Rewilding Europe

Setting-up specific support teams to help local stakeholders in the conflicts with wolf and to protect wolf habitat

In order to reduce the threats of poaching, poisoning and fire, a mobile surveillance and protection team will be created. This innovative approach will make use of state-of-the-art technology and adopt tactical surveillance methods to ensure the effectiveness of the surveillance team.

During the fire season (June – October), the team will also be responsible for fire surveillance and deterrence actions.

Grzegorz Lesniewski/ Wild Wonders of Europe

Implementation of a replicability plan for mobile teams of surveillance

A plan for replicability of mobile teams for surveillance and protection of wolf habitat will be written and three workshops will be organized in the other three regions that are part of the wolf’s range in Portugal: Peneda/Gerês, Alvão/Padrela and Bragança.

These workshops will target local authorities, national security forces and the general public. They will serve as an initial activity to contact potential parties that may be interested in setting up surveillance teams.

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