Enhancing Coorperation & Synergies

Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Enhancing Coorperation & Synergies

Currently, different management approaches are likely to be negatively affecting the status of Iberian wolves south of the Douro river and particularly on the Portuguese side. It is therefore urgent to create opportunities for dialogue and the establishment of trust between different parties. A broad range of stakeholders with different interests and ideologies needs to be brought together in order to devise effective strategies for cooperation.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Organization of round table seminars with authorities and wolf experts and networking with LIFE and non-LIFE projects

Round table seminars will be organized to discuss wolf management, including its legal status, law enforcement, mortality, conservation actions, etc. Conferences will be organized tackling different issues, reviewing scientific research and preparing recommendations to the governments of Portugal and Spain, proposing new conservation models taking into account the development of the project.

Particularly, the project aims to set up a collaboration framework with the regional Spanish authority Junta de Castilla y León to establish common transboundary objectives for the protection of the Iberian wolf. This action is necessary to promote cross-border collaboration. Conservation of a species in the long-term requires overcoming management of populations within national borders and in the frame of different national legislations.

Knowledge sharing with other Life+ and non-Life projects will be undertaken in order to spread the main results, and to exchange experience in the field of wolf conservation, building up the capacity of the project staff.

Participation in scientific meetings

The project team will participate in scientific meetings, including conferences, seminars and local and regional events, at the national and international level. In the different events the project’s actions and results will be showcased and contact with other teams working on the same target species will be established and strengthened.

Moreover, participating in such events will increase team’s knowledge on the subject, learning new methodologies, exchanging experiences and best-practices in conservation and management.

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